Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photo journaling-fall has arrived!

Ahhhhhh-how autumnal!!!
Magical fall

Sun up-joy in the morning

Sun down

Magic pinecones


Volunteers-they volunteered to grow.

I ordered photoboards of my babies.

Daisy with bokeh

Baby Puss

A little family of mushrooms at the golden hour.  (I forgot to include this photo in my last post.  How could I forget the 'shrooms???)

Have a great day, everybody!


Susi said...

Love the sun flare!

Unknown said...

All you pictures are wonderful! Especially love the sundown. The sun is golden right now...I love watching it come in the living room every morning. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Holly C. said...

Me too, Susi!

Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful week also, Robbie. :)

Jessie said...

Oh, how I miss you on here! Beautiful as always!

Dawnie said...

I agree. Love all your beautiful pictures, Holly!