Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photo journaling-fall has arrived!

Ahhhhhh-how autumnal!!!
Magical fall

Sun up-joy in the morning

Sun down

Magic pinecones


Volunteers-they volunteered to grow.

I ordered photoboards of my babies.

Daisy with bokeh

Baby Puss

A little family of mushrooms at the golden hour.  (I forgot to include this photo in my last post.  How could I forget the 'shrooms???)

Have a great day, everybody!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Photo journaling

Rocco-watching the leaves change color

When I called his name

Another time I called his name

I never get tired of rainbows.

The sun is off the deck in the afternoon, so I move to the yard to work on rugs.  I'm like a cat, looking for sunny spots.

Morning rays

A wet web

Toy soldier lichen on the deck railing

Another beautiful sunrise

Beautiful Baby Puss (one of my grandkitties) in a grocery bag.

Oh, Baby Puss!

She's really growing.  (She's two weeks older in this photo than the previous two.)

Here's my other grandkitty-Mr. Puss.

He's so handsome!

Pitt Panther

Cathedral of Learning on Pitt campus

Cows 'n clouds

Have a great day!