Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo journaling (and a video!)

Some photos from the last few weeks and a video!

~~~~~~Some corners~~~~~~
My neighbor gave me a bunch of thread!

I finally did some cleaning up-this place was a pig sty!

Another cleaned up corner

Thank goodness for wildflowers 'cause I didn't plant any tame ones!  

~~~~~My daughter's cat~~~~~
Mr. Puss-enjoying the beautiful day

Mr. Puss-enjoying...ummmmmm???

Look at what we got at Trader Joe's!
Here are some other good things from Trader Joe's!  (Mary, I took your advice and bought some scones-delicious!)

A rose in the woods-at least I think it was a rose.  It smelled like a rose-I know because I stopped and smelled it!

A flag in a cemetary on the 4th of July

One of the frogs in my sister's pool.  I love listening to them.

Handsome Rocco looking out the glass sliding door.
The beautiful city of Pittsburgh-view from atop Mount Washington.  My daughter's been wanting to take me there, and she did the other night.

And finally, Buddy walks again!!!  (In case you didn't know-Buddy is my parents' dog and his hind legs were paralyzed from an accident he had just running around the yard.  He had spinal surgery a few weeks ago.)  He started taking a few steps on Father's Day-what a great gift for my dad.  This video was taken on June 20th.  He's still wobbly, but seems to be getting stronger every day.  Yay!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Susi said...

Cool frog photo! Love the video of Buddy!

Dawnie said...

I got teary-eyed watching Buddy! Oh my goodness, the sacrifices your parents made for sweet Buddy! I am so happy to see he's doing so great!! Love Mt. Washington at night, gorgeous! Love Mr. Puss and Rocco and the corners of your home look beautiful as always! Hey, I didn't get a kitty in my Trader Joe's bag. HA. Love the treats you picked up for me at Trader Joe's; it was an awesome surprise!!! Thank you!

Holly C. said...

I love the video of Buddy too, Susi!

Dawnie-I'm sure I can pick you up a cute kittie at Trader Joe's next time if you want me too! And you are welcome!