Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photo journaling

Daisy back-as pretty as the front

Yellow hawkweed

I'm not sure what these are called.  Mary???  (It's called daisy fleabane-thanks, Mary!)

I guess I'll be taking pictures of mostly wildflowers this year...since I didn't plant one thing, not even one seed!

Cow trio

Back yard light show!

Bea-u-ti-ful moth!

I went to an Anthropologie store for the first time last week.  I've ordered online from them before, but I've never been in the store.  Since my daughter moved to the Pittsburgh area, we've gone to some new stores-like, well, Anthropologie, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods.  (Love Trader Joes, but Whole Foods?  Well they don't call it 'Whole Paycheck' for nothing!)  

Anthropologie window display.
  I love everything in the store-most things are VERY pricey, but some of their housewares aren't too bad.

Here's my only purchase from Anthro-a bowl from the sale table-haha.

Rain, rain-go away.  Rocco wants to go and play!
We've had quite of bit of rain this week, here in western Pee-Ay.  (That's how a lot Pennsylvanians refer to Pennsylvania, in case you didn't know.)

New life in the rhododendron bush-again.  This time only two eggs, and just one that hatched.  Baby robin is two days old in this pic.

Bedroom corner!

That's all for now-have a great week!


littlemancat said...

Ha,ha - you know those wildflower pics catch my eye! It's called Fleabane or Daisy Fleabane - so pretty! Your pics are great - love them. And yes, isn't Trader Joe's wonderful? Love the whole vibe of the store. Try their scones sometime - delicious!

Holly C. said...

I knew you'd know, Mary. Thanks!

I'll probably be at Trader Joes today, I'll have to get me some scones!

Susi said...

Love your photo journaling posts. Your pictures are always great and some a bit funny ie...the oreo cows. I'd like to do a photo journaling post on my blog now and then, of course I'd mention where the idea came from. Let me know if this will be a problem, I don't want to steal someone else's thunder.

Dawnie said...

It's so fun to shop at new stores! Your anthro bowl is very pretty! Love your wildflowers! Daisy back is quite lovely and I feel like Rocco these days too. It's either too rainy or too hot. I told Adrion that I want Fall weather during the summer. I know that's not going to happen.. But I can dream.. Isn't it amazing to watch birds in the nest? It's nothing short of a miracle!!

Holly C. said...

Oh, Susi-go ahead! I'm sure I've stolen this idea from someone, but I don't know who!

Miss you, Dawnie!