Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh, rhododendrons!

Roc's enjoying the beautiful view! 

Blooms for days!

I was just messing around-this is actually a candle holder (but doesn't look real?) sitting on the deck rail, a gift from a wonderful friend.  But wouldn't it be cool to sit amongst flowers like that?

The bees love them, of course.

Home sweet home.

We planted these rhododendrons the year before my daughter was born-23 years ago.  We get to enjoy these beautiful blooms for a week or so at the end of May, beginning of June.  I used to trim them, but not anymore-the bigger the better, I say!


Susi said...

They look lovely. Yes it would be nice to sit amongst them.

littlemancat said...

Love those pics! The little candle holder chair is a hoot! And your house is really pretty, Holly. It looks so serene. Thanks for the look.

Holly C. said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, ladies!!!

Dawnie said...

Love your rhododendrons~ I thought your chair was an actual chair. I have the same candle holder but you disguised it so well and with the chair pad, it absolutely looks full-sized.

Holly C. said...

Doesn't it, Dawnie? You are the wonderful friend that got it for me!