Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last few weeks:
My lilacs are blooming-they smell amazing!

This is my Mother's Day gift-it's what I asked for.

Beautiful apple blossoms


I baked some cupcakes-for a benefit dinner for my cousin's husband.

The ball that got away.

Three-May 1st

Then four-May 2nd

I'm hitting the hard stuff.


Oreo 'cow'kies

Puss Puss-my grandkitty

Kiki-my parents' kitty

Daughter showing Mother (me) her campus.

Daughter's campus-or rather former campus, since she's graduated.

Yum!  I was 'off'' caffeine for a few weeks, so I couldn't have my favorite PG Tips tea.  Now, I'm able to have one cup a day, yay!  It's delicious.

Bear-my niece's doggie

Nesting on a beautiful May day.

There's Kiki again.

That's all for now-have a great week!


Susi said...

Love your photos this week. Lilacs are blooming here to and they do smell wonderful. I especially love the Oreo cow'kies. Cute!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Susi!

Dawnie said...

Love those animal pix! My heart melts! Lilacs are beautiful! What exactly is your Mother's Day gift? Jodie has me drinking magnesium. I think it's helping but it's hard for me to choke down. I don't really like the taste. Any tricks? Love all your nesting pictures too!

Holly C. said...

Dawnie-it's kombucha, fermented tea. It's suppose to be good for you. It's naturally bubbly. Lot's of B vitamins and only 60 calories in the gingerade kind. But very pricey-$3.59 for a 16oz bottle at Martins in Indiana. So it's a treat.

My trick for choking down the magnesium is only mix it with a little water-less to choke down!

Love ya!