Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last week:

Oh, this is going to be fun.  I just love being able to see this!
April 28th

April 29th

April 30th-I can't help but giggle to myself every time I see a new egg.  :)
I thought this was kind of funny-three animals, same pose:
My big buddy, Roc

Puss puss-daughter's cat

Mama goose-still nesting!
My walk home from seeing mama goose.

The sun shining in makes me so happy!

Here's a fuzzy cattail, down by my mailbox.  Did you know you cattails are edible?  They are!
Have a great week, everybody!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Photo journaling-spring has arrived!

Some photos from the last few weeks:
Through the screen-my daughter's cat, aka Puss Puss, Mister Puss, Boo, or Boo Boo.

Nature's carpet-beautiful moss!

A walk in the woods.

It was a beautiful day to breakdance!

My mom bought me a new tea kettle, when she saw my old one was rusted on the inside.  I like it!

Here's a cute potholder I embroidered a long time ago.

A corner

Wreath shadow.  I love the sun shining in.

My favorite dog and my favorite tree.

My lilacs are budding!

I walked to the pond not far from my house today.  I love all the lichen on the trees.

Pretty green!

I walked to the pond to see this-this nesting goose.  I tried to stay back and not disturb her-she never moved an inch.  I hope I get to see babies soon!
I hope everybody had a blessed Easter!  Have a great week.  :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Photo journaling-spring is springing!

Leftover leaves.  This pond near my house is the most beautiful shade of green in the spring.

Mr. Squirrel has been cleaning up under our bird feeder.

Here's Roc one frosty morning last week.  I love that you can see his breath.

Beam me up!

A sunny bedroom corner-it's so nice to see the sun!

Dog.  Cloud.  Tree.

It's April-Yay!

A sweet care package arrived in the mail from my friend, Tara.

This is part of a another care package-given to me by my friend, Dawnie.  (Her blog is full of wonderful recipes and I see she's having a giveaway!)  This mug is more like a bowl, it is huge!  (My friends know what I like!)

I hope spring is springing where you are, so you can go soak up some vitamin D!!!  Have a great week!