Sunday, February 16, 2014

Square pictures

A day last week I used my new iPod (Christmas gift) to take some photos, using the hipstamatic app.  (I hadn't used that app for a long time.) I hadn't been taking many photos with my old iPod, because the quality of the photos wasn't very good.  My new iPod takes much clearer photos. 

Mugshot!  Hope is, sometimes, the tea and the chocolate.

Mugshot!  (I love looking at the mugshots at woodbird, them mornings.)

A corner

Chili, because it's CHILLY!

Another corner

Punk!  That little black thing is Rocco returning from the woods.  I screamed at him not to go over there-but there's a dead deer in there and if he gets it in his head he wants to go see it, nothing will stop him.

Close-up of the punk-er I mean Rocco.

Close-up of the wintry woods.

Rocco's favorite thing in the world!


Dawnie said...

Hey Chicky, Love all your beautiful pictures but the one that stood out the most was the BEAUTIFUL hot pad. I have several that you made me and they are about shot. Yours look so pretty and I do wash mine but I must be extremely hard on them. I don't like to ask for things, but do you think you would be able to make me some more. I know I can make them but I don't want to, I'm sure you don't either. I have a chestful of vintage sheets that can be used. Anyway, I'll barter with you for some other stuff or baked goods? Okay I'll quit being a pain in the back side and just tell you how very pretty your hot pad is as well as Rocco and tea and everything in your blog. Your chili looks yummy too!!!!!

Holly C. said...

Dawnie-I will make anything for you!!!

That's a normal sized one-do you like them bigger?

Dawnie said...

Anything is awesome but only if I can make or bake or do you a favor in return. Also have TONS of sheets for you..