Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last week:
Half-n-half sky
I ordered some homemade soaps from Enhabiten's Etsy shop.  I love soaps!
I made some cookies that I saw on facebook earlier in the week,  that involved over ripe bananas and oats.  (No flour, pretty healthy.) I changed the recipe some, though.  They were okay.  Good enough to eat, but I could let them alone.  I stuck them in the freezer and ate one or two a day.  I found out that spreading a little peanut butter on them made them much, much better! 
The woods
The woods again
Yummy tea and a redwork tea towel (I found it buried somewhere) that I made during my 'embroidery phase' several years ago.  But really-who would want to wipe their dirty hands on it.  It can just be a photo prop or something.
This lovely vintage tea towel was given to me by my dear friend, Dawnie.  I don't want to use it either-too pretty!
Two of my favorite photo subjects in the same photo!
My snake plant had twins.  Snake plants are pretty much indestructible.  :)
My mom gave me a box of sleepytime tea!  Luckily for me she bought some and didn't care for it much.
Dining room corner.
Snow puppy

We had a cold and snowy week in western PA.  Luckily for me-I didn't have to be out in it much at all, but I felt bad for those who did. 

I hope you can stay nice and warm where you are-have a great weekend!


littlemancat said...

Love the pup and the trees! If you're interested, there's a wonderful blog called "ornamental" - her current post is about redwork embroidery. She is a fantastic artist and I think you would enjoy reading her. Check it out.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Mary, I will check her out!

Dawnie said...

Hi Holly. I started using Remi's computer and the codes are easier to read so I hope I can comment. Love your pictures. Rocco is sure enjoying the snow and I know you are too! Love your tea pix and I just love your blue Keurig!! Your treats look yummy too! What kinds of scented soaps did you get?

Holly C. said...

Yay-Dawnie-you can comment again!

Thank you!

It is lavender-supposed to be relaxing!

Holly C. said...

Mary-the ornamental blog looks awesome and I am adding it to my reader. Thanks!

Robbie Parker said...

your red tea towel is amazing! Do you still embroidery? That is something that I have never been able to get the hang of.