Monday, January 27, 2014

A rare meteorological phenomenon happened today in western PA!

This, my friends, is a snow roller.  At least, that's what wikipedia is telling me.
Snow rollers are on the local newscasts today (as they should be, so cool!)-at least that's what Mom told me.  

There are pics all over Facebook and I came across this article about some snow rollers found in the UK, in my feed.

Snow roller on the horizon.

Snow rollers in the pasture.

Very gusty today!  (I didn't have a hat on and my gloves were lame, so I almost froze my ears and fingers taking these pics!)
This was this morning, before the blue sky decided to show itself.  This one was maybe 8 inches tall.  Looks huge, but that's just an optical illusion.
So there you have it-if you ever see snow rolled up like a jelly roll, you'll know what it is, a snow roller-a  rare meteorological phenomenon!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last week:
Half-n-half sky
I ordered some homemade soaps from Enhabiten's Etsy shop.  I love soaps!
I made some cookies that I saw on facebook earlier in the week,  that involved over ripe bananas and oats.  (No flour, pretty healthy.) I changed the recipe some, though.  They were okay.  Good enough to eat, but I could let them alone.  I stuck them in the freezer and ate one or two a day.  I found out that spreading a little peanut butter on them made them much, much better! 
The woods
The woods again
Yummy tea and a redwork tea towel (I found it buried somewhere) that I made during my 'embroidery phase' several years ago.  But really-who would want to wipe their dirty hands on it.  It can just be a photo prop or something.
This lovely vintage tea towel was given to me by my dear friend, Dawnie.  I don't want to use it either-too pretty!
Two of my favorite photo subjects in the same photo!
My snake plant had twins.  Snake plants are pretty much indestructible.  :)
My mom gave me a box of sleepytime tea!  Luckily for me she bought some and didn't care for it much.
Dining room corner.
Snow puppy

We had a cold and snowy week in western PA.  Luckily for me-I didn't have to be out in it much at all, but I felt bad for those who did. 

I hope you can stay nice and warm where you are-have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last week or so:

*The sky*
January 11

January 13

January 14

January 14

January 18

*The birds*
Mama cardinal

Mama cardinal

White breasted nuthatch
*The tea*
Tea time

Tea time-peppermint tea.  Like drinking doublemint gum.  It grew on me.

Mug of tea (mug of tree)

*The dog*
My niece isn't the only one that plays softball.

My cute dog

A dog and his...log

*Stuff I found on the ground*

Snow, rain, melt, repeat-that's how our entire winter has been.  I don't mind too much, though.  It's kind of like a change of seasons within a season.

Have a wonderful weekend!  PS-this blog is now five years old!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nature collages

Life cycle of a sunflower.

For some reason, last week-during our below zero temps-I thought about the life cycle of a sunflower.  So, I looked through my pics and made a collage.  I photographed the heck out of those two sunflowers I grew last summer.

The ever changing sky.

Yesterday, late afternoon the sky was crazy and changing so quickly!  Turns out, rain was coming.  Of course, I was snapping pics.

Later on, my daughter messaged me-our conversation went something like this-

Hope:  The sky was so ugly tonight.  Did you take pics?
Me:  Yes, I did.  How did you know?
Hope:  I looked outside?  Lol
Me:  I meant-how did you know I took pics?
Hope:  Because you're my mother and predictable.
Me:  Oic.


My mom got me a subscription to Birds and Blooms magazine.  I was looking through the new issue and I saw pics of butterflies.  I'm like-oh, yeah-I forgot about butterflies!  Butterflies seem like forever ago, but really just a few short months ago.  Won't be long until we see them again.  So, I made a butterfly collage too-to remember summer-which will be here again before we know it!
I hope everybody had a nice weekend. :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last week:
A chipping sparrow in the dogwood tree

A chipping sparrow (I think) eating snow off the rhododendron.

A corner-I carried the pencil tree to the basement.

I bought myself a little Keurig.  Ironically, I was making sleepytime tea in the morning in a sunshine mug.  I found out that I love sleepytime tea.  It's an herbal tea that includes chamomile and spearmint. I've never been a big fan of herbal teas before but I like this one. (I reused the K-cup three times, cuz I is cheap!)

Trees in a row-on the way to my daughter's on Monday.

Looking into the woods from my (thankfully) warm car on Monday-the weather got quite nasty Monday and Tuesday here-but I hear that others had it much, much worse.

I tried out some green tea that my daughter said was good.  I didn't like it.  I thought it tasted like cigarette ashes smell.  I won't be buying it for myself.

The calendar I made for Larry's aunt came.

A dining room corner.  I've been trying to clean some of my filth!

Hens and chicks seem to like the snow and cold temps.

The dogwood and its shadow

The above photo, put through an instagram filter.

Happy faces!  The sun is shining!
That's all for now-have a great day!