Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last week or so-I'll start with this morning and work my way backwards.
Wink, wink!

I had a birthday last week-the big 4 6!  Whoa! (I just took this pic this morning.)  (This is a note pad and pen-isn't it cute?  My friend Dawnie gave it to me along with a ton of other nice things.  She also had me, Jodie, and Jess over for a delicious supper.  And cake!  Thank you, dear Dawnie.)  I received lots of gifts and well wishes from family and friends-it was a lovely day!

Yesterday's morning view

I took my tea out with me while I kept an eye on the Roc.

He thinks he's king of the hill.

Waiting patiently

Bright, happy birthday flowers from Jodie and Jess.

Something wonderful happened to the water-it changed colors.

A day last week

The setting sun

Another tufted titmouse picture
That's it for now-have a wonderful day!


littlemancat said...

I feel like a comment queen - but I enjoyed all your postings today so why not! Happy belated birthday, youngster! I have twenty years on you so enjoy your youth, Holly. lol!
Glad that you have good friends and sisters around you - a treasure.

Holly C. said...

No, Mary-I'm glad you commented on each post-I love to hear from you. That is so funny-I'm always saying, "Enjoy your youth!"-to the teenagers, twenty year olds, and thirty year olds! By the way, Mary-I think the 60's are YOUNG! Yes-I'm very lucky to have my sisters, my wonderful friends and the rest of my family! And thank you for the birthday wishes!


Robbie said...

Happy late birthday!! Love the flowers on the windowsill...and bonus colored water! So cool!

Holly C. said...

Thank you, Robbie!