Monday, October 28, 2013

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last few weeks:
Took this on my way home from the dentist.

The cows have been in my back yard a lot, lately.

Oh, those leaves!  

Cookies-n-cream!  Ice cream is so photogenic! (Unlike the other food I try to photograph!)  It's just coconut milk, sugar, vanilla in the ice cream machine and then an oreo crumbled on top.

There's a rag ball situation going on.

I've been doing some much needed cleaning and purging.  I cleaned and rearranged this little cabinet.  Story of the cabinet-my dad made this little cabinet for my grandma-for her bell collection. (It hung on the wall.) After she passed, Dad got it back and asked me if I wanted it. I took it and held onto it for years (it was in Larry's shed) before I got the idea to put it up on legs. (I bought a stool at Goodwill and hacked legs off and gorilla glued them on. I painted and distressed it and voila-my little cabinet. I'm so glad I kept it. (This was back when I had far more ambition than I do now.)

Hey there, Cutie!

Snow on my LIVE zinnias!  A first for me-I was excited. Two of my favorite things together.  :) (10-24-13)

Some new rugs-
I called this one Storm, since the one I made before this-I named Rain.

Then, I ran out of rug-naming power.  This is blue and gold rug.  *Now, First Frost, as named by Mary.*

This is blanket, sheet and t-shirt rug. *Now named Chili by Mary.  Perfect!*

I found a small red fleece blanket that I never used in the closet, so I decided to cut that up to use it for a rug.  That lead me to cut up fleece couch covers that I had made but no longer used.  So, in this rug is:  a small fleece blanket, sheets that my sister gave me for rugs, thrifted t-shirts, and part of a red fleece couch  cover (polar fleece sewn together with the edges cut and tied to make fringe) that I never really did use.                                
That's it for now-have a great week!


littlemancat said...

Hi Holly! Your trees are so colorful, your area is a bit ahead of us down near Philly. Love the snow on the hardy little zinnia.
Perhaps "First Frost" for the one rug and "Chili" or "Paprika" for the lovely red one?
Take care,
Oh, that is a nice little cabinet and nice that it's something made by your Dad.

Holly C. said...

Thanks for the names, Mary! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever sell any of your rugs? They're so beautiful!

Holly C. said...

Thank you! No-I don't sell right now. I think it would stress me out too much!