Thursday, September 12, 2013

Photo journaling

Some photos (and a little video) from the last week or so:
Little spice bottles (that I bought at Goodwill many years ago) make cute little vases, I think.

Afternoon tea!  (The little school chair was-like 25 cents-from Goodwill years ago, too.)

A kitchen corner

Roadside grapes-only a handful.  Two years ago, I picked a bucketful and made some grape jam.

Roadside flowers. (Actually they are from the edge of my neighbors yard.) He doesn't mind that I picked them.

Banana-coconut milk ice cream-again!

Monday's cotton candy sunrise-the dip in the trees is where the road is.

What are 'moo' lookin' at?

The cows came to see me the other morning.

Above is one of my two sunflowers-gorgeous!  Below the 'other' sunflower (which hasn't bloomed yet) can be seen taking a beating from a little storm we had this afternoon. (Our parakeet, Phoenix, can be heard in the background.)  Have a wonderful day!


summerlily said...

Pretty photos! I love wild grapes!!!! Yum

Simply Shelley said...

Beautiful pictures again :) The rain falling looks wonderful...we so need rain where I am....blessings

Holly C. said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, girls!