Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday morning

Another breathtakingly beautiful sky

Learning my weeds-this is yellow toadflax, or butter and eggs, or Linaria Vulgaris.
Have a great Monday!


littlemancat said...

Love those nature pics! How do you get those butterflies to hold still for you? Ha,ha! You're doing well with the identification thing, Holly. Another name for yellow toadflax is eggs and butter, at least around these parts -Chester Cty.PA. I think people in the UK call them toadflax too.

Holly C. said...

Thank you, Mary!

Those smallish orange butterflies hold still much longer than the swallowtails! And they just seem to love that butterfly weed, so it's easier to get them.

Oh, I love eggs and butter better than yellow toadflax. I had no idea what it was so I googled yellow weed, clicked on images-and found out from there it was called yellow toadflax. But from now on I shall call it eggs and butter. Named that for the colors?

So you are from Chester County PA? Is that the Lancaster area? Isn't PA a beautiful state? All states are beautiful in there own way though, I know.

If you ever want to be Facebook friends-I'm Holly Crawford (Holly Bair)!

Thanks for looking, Mary!


littlemancat said...

Hi Holly- We are in northern Chester County which is indeed close to Lancaster. We go up there a lot to shop and eat at the famous - around here anyway - Shady Maple buffet. Google it, it's amazing. Actually I think it's butter and eggs, not eggs and butter. This heat is getting to me! Close enough.
If I ever take the Facebook step, I'd love to be friends.

Holly C. said...

I've heard of Shady Maple buffet before I think. My friend, Jessie has relatives in the Lancaster area and she really likes it there.

It's hot here too-and I'm not a big fan of the heat, but I will survive!

Stay cool,