Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hubby's gator trail

I'm not sure what these are called, (They are called Canadian mayflower or wild lily of the valley-thank you, Mary!)

but they are really fragrant.  The woods smelled wonderful!

Looking up.

Grapevine-just outside the woods.

I finished this rug a few weeks ago-another thank you gift.  I couldn't think of a name for it, but inspiration struck as I looked at these pics of the woods-Woodsy.  My aunt had a cat named Woodsy.  With the greens and browns-I think it's a good fit.
Have a great day!


Rhonda said...

nice pics!! love the rug too!

littlemancat said...

Hi Holly - Love Woodsy! And the flower is, I think, Canadian May-flower also known as Wild Lily of the Valley and Heartleaf Lily.
Spreads into carpets in the woods.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Mary!

Michaelanne said...

Woodsy is beautiful...I wish I lived by you!!! I would love to be able to make a rug like yours..they are just so great!!!! XXXOOO