Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nest of baby wrens

I found a nest of baby wrens (that's what my dad thought they were, and I looked them up, and I think he's right) in my mom's hydrangea bush yesterday.

Ugly, little (so very tiny) creatures-yet cute, fuzzy, little puff balls at the same time!


littlemancat said...

Beautiful, Holly. If you like birds, and I know you do, you might want to check out Cornell University's bird cams. They have cameras hidden in osprey nests,great blue herons,red-tailed hawks,etc. It is fabulous. Make sure that you have sound on so you can listen as well. The hawks have fledged, but the ospreys and herons haven't yet. They show what's going on from egg
to post fledge. Check it out.

Holly C. said...

Okay Mary I will bookmark that site.

Thank you so much!