Sunday, June 23, 2013


I'm really enjoying my stapled on bunting.  I've always loved seeing clothes on the line and this reminds me of that.

New stove!  I had to finally replace my old stove after 25 years.  The week before that, it was the fridge-ack!

Scrub Daddy and I cleaning the new stove!  Scrub Daddy cracks me up.  Don't 'they' say smiles are contagious?  They're probably right.  :)

While waiting in construction, I entertained myself by taking pictures.
I focused in on some daisies on the side of the road, while sitting in my car.

Clouds fascinate me.  

A wildflower/weed found down by my mailbox.

June 21st

June 23rd
I can't stop checking on my babies-this batch is easy to see from the deck.
Have a wonderful week!

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