Monday, February 18, 2013

This and that

New mug-a gift from my sister Kim.
I made my sister, Jodie, pink Russian tea cakes and a card for her birthday which was last week.
Love this cloud pattern.
Saw this beautiful sunset on my way to town a few weeks ago.

A sunny corner this morning

And another

And yet another

Mom's fridge

There's that sun again.

There's my Roc!
Have a great week, everybody!


Michaelanne said...

Lovely pics!!! Your sunny corners are beautiful! We had some nice sunny days here too! Tonight and tomorrow, we are supposed to get tons of snow!!! 6-12 inches!!! Ugh..I DO not like driving to work at 6 am when the roads are all snowy:) Thanks for sharing your sunshine!!! XXXOOO

Inoureyes said...

Everything looks sooooo yummy! Especially those Russian Tea Cakes!
I love that your mother and I have the same fridge magnets <3
Thank you so much for my gift<3

Anonymous said...

what????? ok....ummm.....not sure about the above comments. haha...i have a beautifullllll mug just like that one...only it has a J on it of course. i love your pics. i love rocco. i miss moke. ahhhhhhhh. Jodie

Holly C. said...

Thank, Michaelanne! Drive safe!

You are welcome, Melissa!

Those were spam comments, Jodie. I took them off. I miss Moke too. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Dawnie said...

I love your sunny corners too! That Roc face is so darn sweet! Your mug is pretty!