Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This and that

I made this card for my not so little, little girl's 21st birthday which is coming up on Monday.  I got the idea from February's Real Simple Magazine.  (Thank you, dear Dawnie, for the subscription!) I should have put lives instead of life, I think-but oh, well.

I was walking back to the house from our mailbox.  I couldn't help but smile looking at that landscape.

I planted this crimson maple in 1994.

My desktop computer gave up the ghost, I think.  Yes-that's the blue screen of death.  I'm working from my little netbook until I figure out what to do about the desktop.

Yes-the world is his snowcone-at least he thinks it is.  He'd play all day outside if I'd let him.  I'd let him if he wouldn't take off.  I love snow too-but it's too cold to stay out there for too long!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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Michaelanne said...

You have such blue skies!!!! Send some my way:) I hope HOPE had a great day:)I am ready for Spring myself...although we are BOTH going to get some snow tomorrow..Maybe my baby will get the day off..Hope so!