Friday, February 22, 2013


Where's Rocco?

Cold chicks

Red, white, and blue view

This is for the birds.

Amazing tree trunk(s) I found just inside our woods.

I made a bar of peppermint goat's milk soap-well, sort of.

A friend gave me a few bits and pieces of peppermint soap (also peppermint sugar scrub-I love peppermint) she had left over from Christmas gift giving.  (She said she bought plain goat's milk soap, melted it down and added peppermint extract and some coloring to make fun Christmas soaps.)  I lined this ceramic dish I had with parchment paper and used it for a mold.  I had to cut around the edges (after it hardened) with a knife before it would pop out though, since it leaked a little around the edges.  Thank you, Jessie

Happy Friday!

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Rhonda said...

Cool! I would love to learn to make soap!