Sunday, February 24, 2013

I bought some photo magnets and then I made some for free

As I've said before, I've ordered from Stickygram (a company that turns your Instagram photos into magnets) quite a few times.  I give these magnets as gifts and have been enjoying them on my own fridge as well.  When they send your magnets to you they include a sheet of nice cardstock with thumbnails of your order.  I thought that that two inch square of nine tiny thumbnails was too cute to throw away. So, I grabbed two of those flexible rubber-like magnets that really didn't mean much to me off my fridge and then cut around the group of thumbnails (one I left a little border since I was using a bigger magnet for that one).  I laid the cardstock on top of the magnet and cut the magnet to the same size as the cardstock.  The 'believe' magnet was quite thick, but I was still able to cut it with dull scissors.  Then, I adhered the cardstock to the magnet with a thin layer of craft glue.  It took five minutes and I think they are so cute!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Michaelanne said...

They are SO cute!!! I dont have instagram!!! I keep forgetting where you made your note cards too..could you share that with me again..I love them so!

Holly C. said...

Thank you!

Vistaprint-mostly when they run specials.

Dawnie said...

Great idea!!! Very nice!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Dawnie!