Sunday, February 24, 2013

I bought some photo magnets and then I made some for free

As I've said before, I've ordered from Stickygram (a company that turns your Instagram photos into magnets) quite a few times.  I give these magnets as gifts and have been enjoying them on my own fridge as well.  When they send your magnets to you they include a sheet of nice cardstock with thumbnails of your order.  I thought that that two inch square of nine tiny thumbnails was too cute to throw away. So, I grabbed two of those flexible rubber-like magnets that really didn't mean much to me off my fridge and then cut around the group of thumbnails (one I left a little border since I was using a bigger magnet for that one).  I laid the cardstock on top of the magnet and cut the magnet to the same size as the cardstock.  The 'believe' magnet was quite thick, but I was still able to cut it with dull scissors.  Then, I adhered the cardstock to the magnet with a thin layer of craft glue.  It took five minutes and I think they are so cute!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Antique Singer

                                                She might be old, but she sure is pretty!

I even sat some stuff on her-of course, I did-it's what I do!

A friend  (Jessie again) gave this lovely machine to me.  She got it free at the end of an estate sale.  She liked it, but didn't really want it because she didn't have a place for it.  But they forced it on her, so she brought the lovely thing home (all 33 pounds of it-yes, I weighed it,  I thought for sure it would be 50 pounds or more-so heavy!) and asked me if I wanted it.  I said yes (although I really don't have a place for it either, but I made a place), so she brought it over the other day.  I have no idea if it works, I didn't try it out, I'm not much for sewing anymore. The wiring does look quite wonky though.  I do know she is a thing of beauty, which will sit on my table to be admired for years to come, I'm sure.  Thank you again, Jessie!


Where's Rocco?

Cold chicks

Red, white, and blue view

This is for the birds.

Amazing tree trunk(s) I found just inside our woods.

I made a bar of peppermint goat's milk soap-well, sort of.

A friend gave me a few bits and pieces of peppermint soap (also peppermint sugar scrub-I love peppermint) she had left over from Christmas gift giving.  (She said she bought plain goat's milk soap, melted it down and added peppermint extract and some coloring to make fun Christmas soaps.)  I lined this ceramic dish I had with parchment paper and used it for a mold.  I had to cut around the edges (after it hardened) with a knife before it would pop out though, since it leaked a little around the edges.  Thank you, Jessie

Happy Friday!

Monday, February 18, 2013

This and that

New mug-a gift from my sister Kim.
I made my sister, Jodie, pink Russian tea cakes and a card for her birthday which was last week.
Love this cloud pattern.
Saw this beautiful sunset on my way to town a few weeks ago.

A sunny corner this morning

And another

And yet another

Mom's fridge

There's that sun again.

There's my Roc!
Have a great week, everybody!

Monday, February 11, 2013

21 years...

is how old my girl is today!

Being silly!

I made her a huge cut and tie blanket for her bed.

***********The cake************
She saw a cake that she liked on pinterest with kit kats on the sides and m & ms on the top. So I bought an ice cream cake at Walmart.

I scraped off the whipped cream decorations. 

I stuck kit kats to the sides and added m & ms to the top.  Voila-the pinterest inspired cake that she wanted!
I also made some oreo cheesecakes.

The aftermath-yes, she left her cards here.  I'll just put them in my mother's keepsake box.

21 photos for 21 years.

 As  I sit typing this in the same exact spot that I rocked my baby/toddler/little girl COUNTLESS hours, I find it hard to believe that so many years have passed by and so quickly.  Around this time of year, especially-I go through the scrapbook in my mind, my mind's eye looking at the snapshots of my daughter-from newborn to now, grown woman. It's all so bittersweet!  Oh my goodness-it's so very hard to wrap my head around. 

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this beautiful child!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This and that

I made this card for my not so little, little girl's 21st birthday which is coming up on Monday.  I got the idea from February's Real Simple Magazine.  (Thank you, dear Dawnie, for the subscription!) I should have put lives instead of life, I think-but oh, well.

I was walking back to the house from our mailbox.  I couldn't help but smile looking at that landscape.

I planted this crimson maple in 1994.

My desktop computer gave up the ghost, I think.  Yes-that's the blue screen of death.  I'm working from my little netbook until I figure out what to do about the desktop.

Yes-the world is his snowcone-at least he thinks it is.  He'd play all day outside if I'd let him.  I'd let him if he wouldn't take off.  I love snow too-but it's too cold to stay out there for too long!

Happy Wednesday!!!