Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This and that

Wedding bells are in the air!  My youngest sister, Kim is getting married in the spring.  We are all so tickled!  Photo by middle sister, Jodie.

More birdie pics-I can't help it!  If they stand still long enough-I'm snapping their photo!

Mom's birdie magnets

Here's a chipping sparrow having breakfast this morning.

I ordered this puzzle for a friend (when I found out that she liked doing puzzles in the winter)-I first saw it on Salt and Chocolate blog and I really liked it.

This is Clementine, Clementine Orange!  I made this for my daughter's friend-she LOVES all things orange.
One of my best friend's last name is Orange through marriage.  I had never heard Orange for a name before then.  Clementine fit perfectly for a first name-so there you go.

Clementine Orange is made from 16 t-shirts.  15 were thrifted or gifted and one was a too small Reese's peanut butter cup tee from my dresser drawer.
Ahhhh-the sun came out this morning!

More stickygram magnets-I'm giving the bottom sheet to Kim.  Some of the others I'm giving as little gifts and some I'm keeping for my own fridge.

Here's the Roc.   See all those spots on my door.  That's from him barking at the UPS man!  He no likey the UPS man!

 This is Sun-well because she's yellow and also because I just got done watching the 'Lost' series and there is a girl named 'Sun' on there, so that's how I came up with that.  Just look at that sun shining on Sun!    

I made Sun for my bathroom which I am trying to covert to yellows-it's not coming together yet (looks terrible, really), but hopefully soon.  She's made with mostly thrifted sheets and one or two tees.                        

Mugshot-I love birds and tea!


Dawnie said...

Love all your pix, Holly! Kim looks so very happy and I am so happy for her too! Love your beautiful rugs, Orange is a great name, HAHA> Those birdies are so pretty. Have you seen the birdfeeders made out of enamel pots? I saw them on pinterest and thought of you and your feathered friends. Lucy's with Rocco; she hates the UPS man too.

littlemancat said...

Hi Holly,
The rugs are beautiful! Very happy and cheery looking. Do all the bird pics you want - love them all. Do you put water out for the birds as well as food? We do all year around - they really need it in the winter months. Our little chipping sparrows line up all around the water pan to drink. These really cold days we run hot water out during the day to keep it from freezing. We're retired so we can do that.
I love tea and birds too!

Holly C. said...

Dawnie-no I haven't seen the enamel pot bird feeder, but I'm sure I would love them. I'll have to look them up.

Mary-no we don't put water out, but we should! I need to try it!

Michaelanne said...

You have TOTALLY inspired me to try to make my own magnets:) What is the site you use?? Is it just Stickygram?? It is SOOOOO COLD here! We have wind chills of minus 30:) I am drinking tea from my fave:)))) mug! I am SO happy for your sister Holly...they make such a lovely couple..ahh..a Springtime wedding! Oh..and another thing..I am going to go get a clementine to have with my tea!!! LOVE...LOVE..LOVE the rugs! TOTAL sunshine on a freezing day!

Mary Beth said...

I hope your friend likes the puzzle as much as we did. We found it SO fun.

Holly C. said...

Michaelanne-yes-I use stickygram. I have instagram on my ipod touch. What I mostly do is save pics to my ipod and then run them through the instagram filter and the stickygram sight links to my instagram. I kind of go about it in a round about way.

So with stickygram you end up with magnets that are about 2 inches square. I see that you can get photo magnets on Shutterfly and Snapfish too-just not the little square ones.

Hope you had a nice warm day inside by your fire!

Rhonda said...

Those rugs are gorgeous!