Sunday, January 27, 2013

Off my camera

Here are some photos from the last week or so, in no particular order.
This is our sunrise from a few days ago.  I think the little round thing is the sun, although at first I thought it was the moon.  I don't see the sun small and round like that, it's always big and glaring. 

So, someone please correct me if  I am wrong about that little, blinding, round thing being the sun!  (I can't believe I'm not sure!)

Stray leaf

Steamy on the inside, one degree on the outside.  That's warm compared to where some of you are, I know!

Oh, the beautiful Junco!

They like to sit on our deck railing.  It seems as if they are enjoying their view.  (I know I am!)


Have a nice day!


Rainey said...

I love all your birdie photos! The last one is gorgeous! I love cardinals.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Rainey! I enjoy the birds so much!

michaelanne said...

Your bird photos are amazing..My fave is the junco with the blurred multi colored background! Just beautiful Holly!! It is warming up a bit here..although it has turned the snow into a slushy, sleety mess!! This morning we were hoping for a 2 hour delay...when it did not Zach was bundled and waiting for the bus, he turned and yelled..."Por Qoi" (WHY in French!) He cracks me up:)) XXXOOO