Thursday, January 10, 2013

Off my camera

Tuesday, Roc and I went outside to 'get the stink blowed off'-which means to get some fresh air. It was such a lovely day!
Waiting for his snowball

I love this mug!

Snow is cold on the piggers!

See what I mean?  It was beautiful outside!

Yesterday's sunrise

Wasn't it gorgeous?


Michaelanne said...

Gorgeous!! I have a picture of this mornings sunrise..the sky was a brilliant pink!!! Is that a hummingbird feeder in the picture? The contrast of the bright blue is beautiful! Well...Working all weekend...Hope you have a good one!!! Give Roc a pet for me..big ham!!! I love him!

Dawnie said...

He does look awfully dapper in the white bandana!! Love your sunrise pix!