Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beautiful evening

I walked down to our mailbox this evening, and on the way back to the house-I looked up at that beautiful sky and had to stop in the house and grab my camera.  Then I walked to the top of the hill.  Hey-I got some exercise today!  On the way back to the house I this saw this well-defined Rocco paw print.  I put my foot beside it for scale.  I have determined that the Roc has big paws.  (As if I didn't already know that!)

Have a wonderful week!


Michaelanne said...

Oh my! Rocco DOES have big feet!!! Lucy's paw print is about as big as my big toe:) lol!!! Lovely sunny blue skies...Thank you for sharing them:) No sun here for DAYS..

Dawnie said...

AH, Michaelanne has a little Lucy too! Can't believe the size of the paw and can't belive how adorable your boots are! SWEET! Skies are pretty too!