Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beautiful evening

I walked down to our mailbox this evening, and on the way back to the house-I looked up at that beautiful sky and had to stop in the house and grab my camera.  Then I walked to the top of the hill.  Hey-I got some exercise today!  On the way back to the house I this saw this well-defined Rocco paw print.  I put my foot beside it for scale.  I have determined that the Roc has big paws.  (As if I didn't already know that!)

Have a wonderful week!

Off my camera

Here are some photos from the last week or so, in no particular order.
This is our sunrise from a few days ago.  I think the little round thing is the sun, although at first I thought it was the moon.  I don't see the sun small and round like that, it's always big and glaring. 

So, someone please correct me if  I am wrong about that little, blinding, round thing being the sun!  (I can't believe I'm not sure!)

Stray leaf

Steamy on the inside, one degree on the outside.  That's warm compared to where some of you are, I know!

Oh, the beautiful Junco!

They like to sit on our deck railing.  It seems as if they are enjoying their view.  (I know I am!)


Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This and that

Wedding bells are in the air!  My youngest sister, Kim is getting married in the spring.  We are all so tickled!  Photo by middle sister, Jodie.

More birdie pics-I can't help it!  If they stand still long enough-I'm snapping their photo!

Mom's birdie magnets

Here's a chipping sparrow having breakfast this morning.

I ordered this puzzle for a friend (when I found out that she liked doing puzzles in the winter)-I first saw it on Salt and Chocolate blog and I really liked it.

This is Clementine, Clementine Orange!  I made this for my daughter's friend-she LOVES all things orange.
One of my best friend's last name is Orange through marriage.  I had never heard Orange for a name before then.  Clementine fit perfectly for a first name-so there you go.

Clementine Orange is made from 16 t-shirts.  15 were thrifted or gifted and one was a too small Reese's peanut butter cup tee from my dresser drawer.
Ahhhh-the sun came out this morning!

More stickygram magnets-I'm giving the bottom sheet to Kim.  Some of the others I'm giving as little gifts and some I'm keeping for my own fridge.

Here's the Roc.   See all those spots on my door.  That's from him barking at the UPS man!  He no likey the UPS man!

 This is Sun-well because she's yellow and also because I just got done watching the 'Lost' series and there is a girl named 'Sun' on there, so that's how I came up with that.  Just look at that sun shining on Sun!    

I made Sun for my bathroom which I am trying to covert to yellows-it's not coming together yet (looks terrible, really), but hopefully soon.  She's made with mostly thrifted sheets and one or two tees.                        

Mugshot-I love birds and tea!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Four years!

Yes-the ol' blog is four today. So, in honor of its birthday, I took some pics of some tea and chocolate this morning-how appropriate, huh?
These magnets I had made for my mom were on the table so I threw them in there, cause I think they're cute!

The snickers is Larry's, I swear!

Grabbed some magnets off my fridge too, because like I said-I think they are darn cute!

After four years, I still love sharing the stuff I make, the (hopefully) pretty pictures I take, my home, my family,  my Rocco- with you.  LOVE it!  I've stayed connected with some of my dear friends, and then made some new dear friends from this little blog and for that I am so grateful!

Thank you so very much for looking here! XO, Holly

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Off my camera

Tuesday, Roc and I went outside to 'get the stink blowed off'-which means to get some fresh air. It was such a lovely day!
Waiting for his snowball

I love this mug!

Snow is cold on the piggers!

See what I mean?  It was beautiful outside!

Yesterday's sunrise

Wasn't it gorgeous?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pics from Saturday

I took this one in the morning, through the window, while talking on the phone with my sister.

On the way to my mom's house.

Buddy-Mom and Dad's doggie

I took a pic of a pic at Mom's.  This was Jodie and me in 1971, pre-Kimmie.

On the way home,

I just can't resist-

the beautiful sunset.
Have a great week, everybody!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January morning

Can you see the moon?

Nest of snow

We had a sunny, sparkly, silvery, frosty, breathtakingly beautiful morning here in Pennsylvania! 

Hope it was beautiful in your neck of the woods today too!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blue-tinged day

Lots of bluejays at the feeder today. I saw four at a time out there. So pretty!
Having a convo.

Nom, nom, nom.

Eatin' seeds.
Say what?

The skies were blue and even the snow had a blue tinge.  What a beautiful day!