Thursday, November 29, 2012

This and that

I don't know what got into me Sunday-but I made an apple pie-the first pie I've made in years.  It was yummy!

Larry's uncle grew this mammoth sweet potato.  I wrapped it in foil and baked it for a few hours.  It was delish.


This is Fawn.  My daughter asked me if I could make a friend of hers a 'neutral' colored rug.  I didn't know if I could make it happen in the time frame she needed it-but luckily I found a bag of off-white and brown sheets that my sister gave me-score!  This rug is all sheets, except for the outer colored ring-that's a shirt.  This rug is tightly crocheted and HEAVY.  I washed it to see how it would hold up and I needed to put 4 towels in with it in the spin cycle to balance it out!  (I need to tell my daughter to tell her friend this.)  I named this rug 'Fawn' because of the colors and because deer are on my mind-it's deer hunting season here.

A dog and his ball

These are so pretty at this time of year.

Nesting in a dogwood tree-I only noticed this when I was editing this photo-but it looks like they used some of my hair when building this nest.  (I clean my brush outside and throw the hair off the deck.) Glad I could help! 

I put my kids' pictures on the bathroom wall.

Yes-Roc is in heaven because I found one of Sissy's softballs in the basement and gave it to him.  Shhhhhh-don't tell Sissy.

My Thanksgiving cooking-a veggie tray!
Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas corners

Vintage noel candle holders are from sweet Michaelanne.

When I looked at this, I noticed that the window on the sign mirrors the panes in the cupboard window and the moon on the sign mirrors the embroidery hoops on the cupboard.  Cool, huh?

My friend, Jessie, made Hoper's sweet stocking long ago.  Rocco's granny square stocking came from Goodwill.

The polyester patchwork came from Goodwill-I have a thing for buying those.  The little Christmas tree quilt was made by my friend Tara.

Egg holders are not just for eggs anymore.

This is the extent of my Christmas decorating!  I just pulled out the stuff from last year that never made it to the attic.  No muss, no fuss-just the way I like it!  I really love looking at the lights at dark-makes me happy.  :)  I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Off my camera

Here are some pics from the last week or so.
Cuppa tea, of course

What the heck am I suppose to do with this cookbook now that there are no more Twinkies?  I guess there's always Little Debbie.

New hooks, for when I start crocheting again.  I'm always misplacing them!


Today's moon

It's bear season, so I put this red bandana (with flowers and hearts) (not that it would do any good) on him.  Don't worry, he's in touch with his feminine side.  (And it's all I could find.)  I go out with him, though-just to make sure he doesn't  head for the woods.

Playing with a rag ball

Hay bales

Keeping the floor clean-it's a battle I will not win. 


November sunset
Okay, now I feel better!  Have a great day.  :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Kim's house

My youngest sister is settling nicely in her lovely, little home that she bought and moved into in June.

Yesterday-Mom, my sister, my niece, and I went to my sister Kim's house.  We always go to see her near her birthday and since it was going to be a nice day weather-wise, we went yesterday.  Jodie and I got her seasons of The Big Bang Theory. (Cause that's what she wanted!)  Mom gave her money (I think) and a brand spanking new Kitchen Aid mixer, just because.  Wasn't that nice of her?  Enjoy the little house tour!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This and that

Here are some photos from the past week or so.
I impulsively ordered this placemat from Anthropologie when they offered free shipping on orders of any size.  I love it!  I ordered some extra for gifties too.  :)

Tea tastes (and looks) even better when it sits atop this lovely placemat!

I cleaned out the cabinet under my sink the other day and found (brand new) things I didn't even know I had-like this cute candle.

I found this pretty pinecone tart burner (and tarts) too!

November nasturtium-the last one, I'm sure.

After a week of gray skies, I finally saw some blue on Saturday.

This was this morning-we had clear blue skies-beautiful!  (Hello, purdy girl!)

I found dandelion seeds this November morning.

The mighty oak leaf

My beautiful Roc on this fine day!

Star cut-out on a barn near my home.

Oh, yeah-it's Election Day.  I did vote.

I was digging through some old photos the other day and found these black and white ones from 2001.  (I must have been going through my black and white film phase.)  Anyhow, this is Hope and Rover-my in-laws' rottie.  (He's gone now.)  Then I remembered that Hoper was holding Rocco the same way on prom day in 2010.  I think these pics look so cute together-some things just never change!
Have a wonderful week!