Thursday, November 29, 2012

This and that

I don't know what got into me Sunday-but I made an apple pie-the first pie I've made in years.  It was yummy!

Larry's uncle grew this mammoth sweet potato.  I wrapped it in foil and baked it for a few hours.  It was delish.


This is Fawn.  My daughter asked me if I could make a friend of hers a 'neutral' colored rug.  I didn't know if I could make it happen in the time frame she needed it-but luckily I found a bag of off-white and brown sheets that my sister gave me-score!  This rug is all sheets, except for the outer colored ring-that's a shirt.  This rug is tightly crocheted and HEAVY.  I washed it to see how it would hold up and I needed to put 4 towels in with it in the spin cycle to balance it out!  (I need to tell my daughter to tell her friend this.)  I named this rug 'Fawn' because of the colors and because deer are on my mind-it's deer hunting season here.

A dog and his ball

These are so pretty at this time of year.

Nesting in a dogwood tree-I only noticed this when I was editing this photo-but it looks like they used some of my hair when building this nest.  (I clean my brush outside and throw the hair off the deck.) Glad I could help! 

I put my kids' pictures on the bathroom wall.

Yes-Roc is in heaven because I found one of Sissy's softballs in the basement and gave it to him.  Shhhhhh-don't tell Sissy.

My Thanksgiving cooking-a veggie tray!
Have a great rest of the week!


Sarah Raven said...

That looks like such a tasty pie!

Dawnie said...

You make the best veggie trays!! Your pie looks yummy too, you are making me hungry!! That's so cute that the birds use your hair to build nests. You just made some birds warmer!! Love "Fawn". Very pretty colors. I had a friend I used to work with whose daughter's name is Fawn. Rocco is happy with his ball! I need to get my doggies some Christmas prezzies yet, they are like the kids!!

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty in the mirror. :) jodie

Holly C. said...

I hid my chin(s)!

Michaelanne said...

You are beautiful:))) I smiled when I noticed ROC is in all 3 pics on the bathroom wall! They really are our babies! Where did you find the basket for your veggie tray??? I LOVE it! Playing hookie today from work..SHHH! First time in months! Zach was up half the night with a stomach bug, and I am too worn out! Glad I am home sipping coffee...spending time with my FRIENDS:) XO

Inoureyes said...

i only use sheets in my rugs now and i found the best way to deal with the off balance them in pairs and tell them to wash them together!