Monday, October 1, 2012

This and that



One last shot of these gorgeous zinnias!

It was beautiful outside Saturday.

This is Bear-Jess' (my niece's) doggie.  He's got great eyes, doesn't he?

Saturday, I went to a birthday party for a very lovely girl.

The very lovely girl is Jess-more on her tomorrow. This is Jess and one of her other doggies-Mok.

I made Jess some Russian tea cakes. 

This is Jess' gift-movies and Russian tea cakes.  The girl is a real movie buff! (The strawberry wrapping paper came from Michaels' dollar bin.)


Saturday's sunrise-I love the layered look.

I was turning at a stop sign on our back roads yesterday, and out of the corner of my eye-I spotted chickens in the woods.  They free range at a house up the road, but apparently they were on a walk-about.  (Oh, yeah-of course I just had to put down my window and take a pic!)           

I call this photo-Rooster Blur.


Rainey said...

Beautiful photos! I love looking at all your shots. :-)

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Rainey!

Anonymous said...

i have never seen a more beutiful picture of weeds. holy moly...holly......oooo i cant wait for tomorrows post.... hee hee :)))))))) jodie

heather said...

i love your pictures and all your lovely vintage treasures!

Jessie said...

I'm with Jodie! Beautiful!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, girls!