Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lovely October

I waited for her to get off the road-then she waited for me to take her picture.

On my way home from town today, I parked my car and then crossed this little 'bridge' so I could take a look at a pond.

This pond-I'll call it water lily pond. I haven't looked at this pond for years-I had no idea there were water lilies growing here.
Looking down the road-I took this photo on my way to town. I can't help but smile looking around at all the gorgeous trees!

The zinnias are still blooming-yay!

Beaming light

This is my great yellow squash harvest of 2012.  They are tiny!  Oh, well!
Have a nice day!


littlemancat said...

Beautiful pictures, Holly. I've said it before, and will say it again- you have a good eye. Love the turquoise colander with the yellow squash!

Dawn S. said...

Lovely pictures Holly. The one of the Fall leaves is my favorite! So pretty..

Holly C. said...

Thanks girls!

Michaelanne said...

Driving through PA this past weekend was glorious!!!! Oh!! Those Alleghany mountains were something Holly!! I miss PA..rolling hills...Just beautiful!! and the state has you too!!! WTH!!! The blog "Smitten kitchen" has a DELICOUS recipe for a summer squash and potato torte!! It is so yummy!!! TTYS:) XXXOOO

Michaelanne said...

PS..LOVE your blog header too!!!! I can never make mine that good!!!

Holly C. said...

Isn't it beautiful? It is in NY too, I know. Today is sunny and it is rediculously beautiful again.

I'll have to check out that recipe.

Your blog headers are beautiful!


Dawnie said...

Yes, Holly, love your blog header too and all your lovely Pix! Love fall!!