Monday, October 15, 2012

Little bits

Little bits from my camera of this past week-
Shy birdie sitting on the tip top of our pine tree

Zinnias in the garden

Rocco blur

I found a spoon near the woods-it's a nice one.  I'm gonna keep it.

Into the woods
Corner of my bedroom-that's the little sleeper I brought Hoper home in.

Cow on the horizon-I was on my way to my sister's

I was still getting volunteer cosmos last week-I'm sure they've been zapped by frost now.
When I see these stains on my old tablecloth it reminds me that a little girl once did her homework here.

The rolling hills of Pennsylvania

This was today-we still have leaves, but not for long!

I was at my girlie's yesterday.  I was standing in the Walmart parking lot when I took this.  Beauty can be found-even at Walmart!
Have a wonderful week!


Michaelanne said...

That is SO sweet that you have the little sleeper on display to look at and remember..its hard to believe how tiny we all start out!!I saw something I never thought I would ever see at work this weekend...A poor woman, pregnant with twins, delivered the girl, at 19 weeks gestation..I cried..SOOOOO TINY..perfectly formed..her feet were the length of my thumbnail..God works in mysterious ways for sure..Thanks for your beautiful photos Holly...

Lora said...

i love that photo of the corner of your bedroom. so serene and beautiful!

Holly C. said...

Michaelanne-that would have been so sad to see!

Thank you, Lora!