Friday, October 26, 2012

Just some pics

Butternut squash on the sink

Butternut squash out of the oven-nom nom.  Love this stuff!

A hen and her chicks

Yellow lichen growing on our cement wall

Mug shot


Gator trail

Lovely day

Lovely day

My girlie's new picture-she got it at Ikea.  I've never been to Ikea!

There's my sleepy boy!
Have a great weekend!


littlemancat said...

Love your pics. What a beautiful area you live in. Do go to Ikea sometime, it's a lot of fun. The rooms that they have all set up with their wonderful furniture, etc. are so nice. Make it a fun trip with one of your lovely sisters or your daughter- you'll have a good time.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Mary. My daughter said, "Mom, you would love it!" And though I'm not much of a shopper, I'm sure I WOULD love it! I must go sometime. :)

Michaelanne said...

Holly..YOU have to go:) We dont have an IKEA:((((( Whenever we go to Pittsburgh to visit family, I try to go...their furniture is so cheap!! BUT nice..and good quality..You would love it..they also have lots of things like dishes, and pillows, and pictures! I love your photos today...I think after this weeks storm, the leaves will be all but gone up here:( Give Rocco a hug from me:) XXXOOO

Dawnie said...

Ikea is awesome. I bought my grater there on my honeymoon and still use it daily (22 years later). LOVE that store!! You would too, lots of organizational items too that you would love. Sleepy boy looks like how I feel!! Love your stripey clouds! I'm still trying to look up more often and notice the sky! PS. You can also request a catalog...

Rhonda said...

Grrrr... tried to post before but couldn't. Doing blog catch up! Lvoe your pics. I want to go to Ikea too -