Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Eastern bluebird

Still getting some zinnias-yes! (This is the extent of my fall decorating-haha!)

I pass these guys on my way to town.

I've been accused of being a house plant-but as these pictures prove-I do wander outside every once in a while.  It's really pretty out there!

Have a great day!


Michaelanne said...

Holly...that bluebird pic is fantastic!! I am hopping right over to flickr to fave it!! All of your photos are beautiful...and, I am a real homebody too!!! If I didn't have to go to work, I probably would be pretty PLANTED in my house too:)))))

Dawnie said...

When you do wander out, you sure make it worth your while and ours! Beautiful pics! I wish my dining room table could looks so lovely as yours. Mine is filled with CLUTTER. It is everyone's dumping ground. Love this last pic most of all; it's heavenly! All the other ones are great too!