Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy birthday, Jess!

15 pics-plus one to grow on!

1st Christmas

On vacation this year

Last year at her birthday party (with her mommy)

This year at her birthday party

She's always so bubbly!

She's always so beautiful!

At Patrick's graduation

Where have the years gone?  Come on, somebody tell me!
This girl gets more beautiful with each passing year, if that's possible!  
As you can tell, I don't really like her!  :)
Happy birthday, dear Jessicaaaaaa!!!  Happy birthday to you!!!

PS-Aunt Holly loves you with all her heart!


Anonymous said...

she really does get more beautiful as each new day comes. hard to believe its even possible. Wow i love her.....happy bday baby girl! mommy loves youuuuuuuuuuu.....<3 mommy

Michaelanne said...

You have such a great family!!! I am SO excited for this weekend! Seeing my little sisters kids ( they are 21, 19, 17, and 14 ) for the first time in SEVEN years!!! and I am meeting my GREAT nephew Jace for the first time:))))) Good to see such loving family photos! you are a great Aunt!! I wish I lived closer to my neices and nephews!!

Holly C. said...

That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you, Michaelanne!