Monday, July 23, 2012

'Ridge' and other stuff

I made Ridge as a gift for a young couple-they both like hunting and wildlife and things like that-so I thought 'camo' colors would be a good match for them.  I chose Ridge as a name because of dirt (brown) and grass (green).  It just looked like a Ridge to me.  There's a 'Ridge' on The Bold and the Beautiful, you know.  Ridge is made with mostly thrifted shirts and part of a thrifted sheet.
I drove past the Jimmy Stewart Museum the other day.  Sometime I want to stop and go in.  I love Jimmy Stewart!

This was a good dinner I had with my girlie the other night at Eat-n-Park.  It was the bruschetta chicken.

This is what I cooked for the church picnic yesterday.  Yep-I like to sugar the kids up and send them home.  I'm really horrible about wanting to cook or even make anything anymore!

I found these flowers by the water.  Very pretty, I thought!

Paddleboats at the picnic.

My sister and my niece went to the beach for a little vacation last week.  They sent me some pics.   Here's my beautiful niece, Jess.

Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

I thought this was comical.  Our red shed-it's a happenin' place!
I hope everyone has a great week!


Rainey said...

I went to the Jimmy Stewart Museum once. It was really fun and if you really know a lot about him, I'm sure it would be even more special.

Holly C. said...

Now I really want to go, Rainey!

Michaelanne said...

I LOVE the bay!!! Your pics are so pretty!! Ridge is beautiful!!!! Just like the Blue Ridge Mountains!!! Great outdoorsy colors!!! Hugs! XXOO

Rhonda said...

Dan loves Jimmy Stewart too and we went to the museum a few years ago! It was cool if you are a fan. You went to the bay!!! How much fun!