Monday, July 16, 2012

Off my camera

I thought that this ledge on my stove looked so pretty because it was colorful-almost every color of the rainbow.

It was missing orange, so I added it in the form of a spatula-now there is every color of the rainbow.  The old girl is almost 24, dated, and a bit rusty, but I have to say-I think I love my stove!

              I was forced into TJ Maxx on Friday by my family (daughter, mother, sister, niece) and came out with this turquoise berry bowl. I call it a berry bowl because you are not suppose to drain hot things or even put it in the dishwasher.  So I guess I'll just rinse berries with it.  (Doesn't it look pretty next to my Michaelanne potholder?)

The stores sure know how to get you to buy with all those pretty colors everything comes in!  Now I want more colors!!!   

Even more wildlife from my yard!

Pretty sunset on the way home from my girlie's!

Ya-there was a hornet's nest outside my bedroom door, and ya-it's still there!
That's it for now-have a nice day!

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Michaelanne said...

Omg!! That is a huge hornets nest!!! I love your house!!!!! Everything is so pretty...made me smile to see that beautiful berry bowl next to the potholder:))) I think we may FINALLY get some rain today...I feel like sewing, but it is always so nice out, I have a hard time staying indoors!! Starting on Maternity on Thursday:)))) Hopefully, I get a couple pics of things today! Your nature photos are very inspiring!