Thursday, July 5, 2012


Here's another chipping sparrow on one of our blueberry bushes.  He's so pretty!

Bees on beautiful Queen Anne's lace!

There are sunflowers growing amongst the weeds in my garden.  Michaelanne sent me a seed packet and I saved some seeds from last year.  I can't wait until I can put them on my windowsill!

Hens and chicks and painted rocks sitting on the cement slab outside our basement door.   PS-that strawberry pot came from Goodwill.

Here's Kimmie's mantel.  (My photo doesn't do it justice.)  Her new home is coming along very nicely!

I can see a heart, can you?
Have a great day, everybody!


Jessie said...

I see the heart! That first picture is beautiful. Looks like something you need to hang on your wall. You're becoming quite the photographer like your sister.

Dawnie said...

I see the heart! Yes, I agree with Jessie. Kim's mantle looks beautiful!!

Michaelanne said...

Your pictures get prettier all the time!! I can't wait to see your sunflowers on the windowsill!!! Looks like Kimmie inherited the awesome decorator gene too!!! You girls are SOOOOO CLEVER! :) and...I do see the heart!! It is in everything you do sweet girl...XXOO