Monday, June 18, 2012

This past week

These are photos from the past week in no particular order. 

This is a corner of my girlie's home.  Hubby and I went over on Saturday to celebrate Father's Day a day early.  Just the  three of us went out to eat.  That hasn't happened in a VERY long time!

My youngest sister, Kim, is a brand new homeowner!  All by herself-that's quite an accomplishment, in my opinion.  When she gets all moved in and settled, this home will be as lovely and adorable as she is!

I filled up this frame with pictures of my daughter's NYC trip from last year, at her request.

I can't walk by Rocco without him rolling onto his back, wanting a belly rub!

This is from when we went on a ride last week!

Oh, the chipping sparrow, I see so many of these birds right now.  Funny, I don't remember seeing them in years past.  They make a lot of noise, but I love it!


                               I was bored waiting for my mom in the parking lot in my little town, so I grabbed my camera and started zoomin' in on stuff.  This clock tower (that's what I'm calling it) is a happenin' place for the birds to hang out!

Happy Father's Day, Dad-a day late!

Okay-now I feel better!  I hope everybody has a good day!


Unknown said...

Wonderful photos. I love the colors in the Bell tower! and your daughters home is lovely.
Keep up the God work.

Michaelanne said...

Great photos..The bell tower is lovely..very dreamy quality to it! We had a good Father's Day here too! Except, it was SO windy..I had left the umbrella up on the patio table, and the wind got hold of it and the table (glass) Shattered into a MILLION tiny pieces! I had just mentioned that we needed a new table anytway! Lol!! Other than that...GOOD food, cold beer, and the pool is a lovely 88 degrees! Say hi to Hope:)

littlemancat said...

Nice photos,Holly. And your daughter's apartment looks really nice. Liked the bell tower photo too- made me think of the bell tower in Hitchcock's movie "Vertigo"!

Dawnie said...

Hope's apartment is very nice! Love her decor; she has a knack for decorating like you do!! Kim's apartment is lovely from what I have seen and will be totally LOVELY when the Bair girls get through with it. You'll have to have it on your blog.. That Rocco is so sweet and it's just wonderful that you have stopped to hear the birds chirping. It's a good thing!!! Thanks for sharing the day with us. WE LOVE YOU!!