Thursday, June 21, 2012


I got tired of my empty canning jars on my windowsill, so I decided to bring in a bunch of daisies.

I figured I might as well-there are thousands of them in the fields around my house!

It all started with five tiny black seeds.  Mmmmm basil-you smell just heavenly!

Here are a few yellow raspberries from a bush we have planted in our yard.

I love these blue/lavender wildflowers that grow everywhere here.  I looked them up and I think they are chicory (not completely sure) from the aster family.  Correct me if I'm wrong, flower people!

Here's my beautiful boy, Rocco.  In this photo he's looking at his brother (Jasper lives with my in-laws and sneaks over the hill to visit us a few times a week), who has his raw hide.

Rocco always gives me these looks that seem to say, "How can you let him chew on my rawhide, Mom?"  I say to him, "It'll be alright, Rocco.  It'll be alright."  Have a great day, everybody!


Dawnie said...

Pretty pictures! Love that Rocco; he's quite a poser!! Remi picked me a whole bunch of daisies the other day and I have them in my kitchen too.

kj sunflower said...

Oh I love the daisies, they look so pretty in your window!

Debbie said...

Your daisies look so pretty!

Dawn S. said...

Lovely pictures Holly. you are very talented!

Michaelanne said...

I don't have any daisies around my house!! I am jealous..Of course, if I did, I still would not have the row of pretty canning jars to put them in!! LOVE your decorating..and that Rocco..what a ham:) Give him a pat on the head from us:) XXOO

A Friend on the Farm said...

Daisies are my most favorite summer time flower. You can pick a whole bunch and they will last for 2 weeks!