Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Outside (Ha! and people always call me a houseplant!)

Here's a little fencepost bouquet I put together while I was out with Rocco.  Doing stuff like this is good for my soul!

Ahhhh-a rainbow sky-obviously fake, but I love it.  (I used the rainbow effect in Ipiccy.)

Meet the parent!  I'm not sure if it's the mama or the papa-but from observing, I know that both of them work hard to feed their babies.

Here's robin cam from yesterday.

And here it is from today.  These babies are about nine days old.  (And I thought my kid grew up fast!)

Here's the Roc with his frisbee this morning.  Love my handsome boy!!!
Have a great day everybody!


Anonymous said...

i can see you are getting your vitamin d....good for you....i love rocco. i love those birdies too. and you of course

Holly C. said...

Jodie? That you? or do I have a stalker? Bahahahahaha!!!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Love the photos, particularly the rainbow sky

Holly C. said...

Thank you!

Michaelanne said...

Wow..I have missed quite a few postings here:) You are full of rainbows Holly..and sunshine too:) Such a Sweet Spirit YOU ARE:) Give handsome Roc a pat on the head for me:) XXOO