Saturday, May 12, 2012

Off the camera

If I had to name this photo, I would name it~'Love'~my sister's love for her son, my nephew's love for his mother, and my love for them both!  Last night was prom night!  How do kids grow up so fast?  Someone please tell me~ howwww???

 Good day, moon!

Gotta milk these rhododendrons for all they're worth.  They'll be gone before I know it!

Another barn!  Lots of barns in rural Pennsylvania-I never realized how many before I started taking pics of them!

I love how the new leaves on my crimson maple are transparent!

This underpass always makes me a little nervous.

Can you see why?

One word comes to mind for this photo-puffy.  :)

Yet another barn of Pennsylvania!  Look at them thar clouds!

Oh, those spittle bugs, I see their 'spit' everywhere!
And on that note-I hope you have a great weekend!


Michaelanne said...

Love the pics!Can't believe it is prom time allready!! Your sisters love for her son is evident..and his for her:) I MIGHT not leave my blog...they are trying to fix things..I guess alot of people are leaving typepad right now because of issues! I went over to blogger, but it seems like SO much trouble to start all over! Hopefully, they can fix things, and I will stay! It is just so much easier than scrapbooking!!!!:) Love ya Holly! Have a good Mother's Day tomorrow:)!!

littlemancat said...

Yes they do grow up SO fast. But we stay young,right? Your photos are lovely- really like the day moon and the bit of rhody and sky. Nice. I love the barns too. We're in Chester County, lots of beautiful old stone barns. Not too far away is the wonderful Baldwin Book Barn- a great place to wonder around. Haven't been there in a long time so I hope they're still there.
Happy Mother's Day!

Holly C. said...

Thank you, girls!

I hope you both have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Love to you,