Sunday, May 20, 2012


My dad came over this morning to work on my camper roof.  (Thanks, Dad!)  I couldn't do a whole lot, so I just went around taking pictures.  You know-the usual.

Everything's better with a dollop of daisies!
Here's my favorite tree...with leaves.  :)

Here's robin cam from yesterday.  Love those little beaks!
Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

hey!!! thats a pic of my dad!!! ooo yours too. haha. nice pics. and i heart baby robins. i love watching robins bounce in the yard after i mow. <3 jodie

A Friend on the Farm said...

Hey, that's not my dad but my dad would be on my camper roof too if I asked him :)
I love the summer posy pictures and the baby birds are really growing!

Michaelanne said...

This series of daisy pics is one of my ALL time favorites of yours:) and the ROBIN CAM, which is simply amazing!!! Where do you get your photo cards made Holly??? You REALLY need to print up some of these:D!

Holly C. said...

Michaelanne-I've been getting them made at Vistaprint lately. I wait for good deals and then I order them. I gave away ALL of my cards, so I just ordered some more a week or two ago.

As soon as they have more deals, I'll have to order some daisy cards. I like them too!