Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

This morning I found my first wild strawberry.

Wild berry, wild flower-don't they look great together?

Just adding some color to my blueberry photo! (PS-I brought the strawberry in and rinsed it and then ate it.  Not good-it wasn't ripe!)

Jelly beans stuck to the side of this jar-struck me as funny!

I planted some flower seeds this morning.  The rest will have to wait until it gets cooler outside.

This tree was just glistening this morning.  So gorgeous!

Remembering...on this Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

your hanny is so cute. i see hope....a hope ring. i love the daisy and strawberry pictures. and i would comment on more of the pics, but i am like dorie on nemo and forget which ones you posted ya....the jelly beans and the cemetary. pretty. and you know i love cemetary pics. i think they are a thing of beauty...<3 me weird. jodie

Holly C. said...

You are weird!

No you're not-I think they can be pretty too!

Michaelanne said...

:) Your pics are lovely..I have NEVER found a wild strawberry!!! It was SO hot here today, and yet, I decided since my boys are coming home tomorrow while I am at work, they would have their fav things waiting...SO, I made stuffed peppers for Jack..and BAKED..YES, BAKED cookies on this hot humid day..Definitely a labor of love! Then, me and Luc jumped in the pool:)))))) Stay cool!! (Cuz you know YOU are:)

Holly C. said...

Thank you!

It was very hot and humid here today too.

You are so nice to cook on a hot, hot day!

I bet that pool felt so good!


A Friend on the Farm said...

I think your blueberry bushes look like they will be full this year. I am hoping our's are too. Hey, I'm weird like you and Jodie and so are my boys because they think old gravestones are really cool!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful shots - you are becoming quite the photographer!