Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

The bees are loving our blueberry bushes.

Wow-those blossoms smell good!

Pretty cardinal!

New growth.

We have lettuce!

The lilacs are almost ready.

Pea plants are quite pretty.


There's my boy!
Spring is in the air-that's for sure.  Happy May Day everybody!


Michaelanne said...

You can send some SPRING my way:) Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! It is still SO cold here! 48 yesterday:( Today it is supposed to actually warm up to 70, which would be heaven! Finishing up my little package for you:)))) Maybe able to mail later today!! XXXXOOOOO Have a great day Holly!

littlemancat said...

Nice photos! The first one looks like a contest winner,Holly.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Michaelanne and Mary!

brenda said...

Hi Holly,
Our lilacs are done, but I saw several bumblebees out yesterday in a neighbors bugleweed. Such lovely little creatures, the bumblebee!

A Friend on the Farm said...

That poor cardinal looks confused. It's here and thinks it is still winter. AND, your lilacs are budding and you are lucky. Mine only have small leaves.