Monday, May 7, 2012


I've just faced the fact that my lilac buds are not going to open this year. So plan B is-bring in the "road of dendrons' (that's how I used to pronounce it). I have plenty of those~hundreds of them.

Bathroom windowsill~Jonathan Adler tp holder courtesy of my neighbor.  I really dig that design!

My seedlings sunning themselves.

Corner of my yard.

I put up new pictures in the bathroom.  The bigger one is one of my hipstamatic photos (I ordered an unstretched canvas-six bucks) in a thrifted frame which I doctored up.  The robin eggs photo (printed on cardstock) is mine too.  The bird one is the cover of a little journal that my friend gave me.  Yes-I ripped off the cover and framed it!

Reflecting...on the little hummer on the line and the kid art that's probably been stuck to the door for 10 years~I don't have the heart to take it down!
I hope everybody has a great Monday!

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