Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Around here

Rocco and I went for a ride again today and we found our first daisies of the year.

I picked them for a photo and then when I was done-I threw them on the ground.  Then, I thought to myself-Da Holly, bring them in the house. And so I did.

I looked up and saw a face in my kitchen light.

Coming in for...a drink.

I've entitled this photo-rainbow Rocco!  (I have faced the fact that as long as it is warm out-Rocco will have his tongue sticking out of every photo taken of him.)

Just playing around with my clover photo.

More wildflowers and more spit!

Water drops + pine needles=beautiful!
Volunteer fern-so nice of it to do so!

Here's today's photo of the babies~growin' up so fast!

Have a nice day, everybody!


Anonymous said...

i love your photos. i love rocco. so cute. you are cute too. thinkin of ya today!!! <3 u jodie

Michaelanne said...

Beautiful pics!!! LOVE the daisies:)Well...the BIG pug wedding day is only 2 days from now:) Wish you and Rocco could attend!!!! It would be nice for Rocco to walk Lucy down the Isle:)