Thursday, April 12, 2012


I framed this photo of my sister's heart-shaped mug that I love so much.  I noticed the last time I was over at Jodie's, that it was chipped now.  Jodie-don't go breakin' my heart(mug)!  I bought the square frame at Goodwill for cheap. It had an Anne Geddes print in it, but I took off the back and put my own print in it.  Sorry, Anne!

The sun is shining this morning-it's beautiful, but frosty!

Took this photo when I was at the store the other day.

This too.

A hen of mine.

It snowed a little bit yesterday morning.

But this was last evening-do you think this qualifies as a heart cloud?  I say, "YES!" 
Have a wonderful day!


Dawn S. said...

Pretty pics. That heart hanging on your hutch looks kind of familiar! ;-)

Holly C. said...

Yes! A lovely heart-made by the lovely YOU!

Dawnie said...

I think you did find a heart cloud!! Love your miscellany!! Is that a little quilt with the retro fabric hanging on the wall. How did you hang it? Dawn makes beautiful hearts!

Holly C. said...

Yes-I made that tiny quilt during my tiny quilt phase out of a pillowcase from Goodwill. I just pinned it to the wall with sewing pins.

Yes, Dawn makes beautiful hearts.