Monday, April 16, 2012


Being married for almost a quarter of a century took its toll on my engagement ring and wedding band.  The diamond (not big-haha!) fell out of my engagement ring several years ago and then about six months ago Rocco (my dog) caught his tooth in my dainty wedding band (when we were playing around) and bent it into a tear drop shape.

Sooooo-my sister had a jewelry party (Premier) a few weeks ago and I ordered this HOPE ring and I'm using it for a wedding band.  Perfect, I thought, since it is my child's name.  (Just HOPE my finger doesn't turn green!)

I think this is the first time I've ever had tulips in the house.  I didn't know they did THAT!  Still pretty, I think.

I spotted these yesterday near the dollar store.  I couldn't resist a picture.

Mom gave me this candle-vanilla cafe mocha.  Oh boy, does it smell good!
Have a nice day!


Rhonda said...

Love that ring!! Wow-hard to believe it's been that long - 1987 does not seem like so long ago in my mind. . .

Michaelanne said...

Umm...Rocco did a number on that one:)! I LOVE your Hope ring:) THE perfect replacement:) My rings are holding up quite nicely-21 years next month:) Although..they don't come off my finger anymore! uh-oh!!! Your photos make me smile:) SO YOU!!!!