Sunday, January 15, 2012

A sunny Sunday

Christmas finally got put away!

Crochet hooks or chopsticks?  That is the question.

I'm seeing spots.

Blinded by the light.

...wrecked up like a, I mean

...revved up like a deuce

Thank you, Google!

(It's a song by Manfred Mann's Earth Band-just in case you're, well, young.)

Drivin' in a winter wonderland!

Curve ahead.

I hope everybody had a sunny Sunday too! 


Dawnie said...

What a beautiful sunny day!! Your house looks so pretty and inviting!! Love your wintery drive! I think our snow is going to melt soon!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me about the wonderful white cabinet with the glass doors. I have been looking for a low, slim, wide cabinet with doors to put my cookbooks in the kitchen. I love to read about your rugs, dog and thrifty finds. You have inspired me to look on the shelves of the local resale shop. What fun!

Holly C. said...

Hello there!

Here is the story of my little cabinet-

(Copy and paste the above link into your address bar.)

I LOVE the thing!


Michaelanneneal said...

I love your cabinet too! I saw one..a couple weeks ago. Two hundred dollars. I waited...I wondered..I hesitated to spend..and NOW ITS GONE!!!!! BOOHOOHOO!!! Be careful on those roadways sister!! Your photos are lovely!